Core Services

Acted as coordinators and administrators for MoHE through MYREN Network Operations Center (NOC). MYREN NOC is responsible for managing, regulating, monitoring the operations and activities of the MYREN network which consists of connections to higher educational institutions and connections to the upstream links (GTT, TM, TEIN, MyIX, Google and MyGovnet).

Specifically provide traffic segregation between Internet and education traffics to ensure a fast, highly reliable and secure connection in a dedicated network segment reserved for the use of education and research communities only.

MYREN NOC acts as the main point that manages and mobilizes all MYREN network operations to 166 members throughout Malaysia.

Services Overview

Network Consultancy

Peering where it’s enabling a faster throughput and exchange of information. Network Engineering in building reliable networks so that client can access, share and store the information that they need.

Network Monitoring

Traffic Analysis in getting comprehensive insight into the kinds of traffic or network packets or data is flowing through a network.

Help Desk Services

Email queries, Whatsapp assistance, Phone assistance and NAGIOS (which are network alerts email to MYREN NOC).


NOC Maintenance & Services

Service level of up to 99.5% availability with rebates every monthly, quarterly or annually.

24/7 network and service monitoring daily.

End Customer Web based network monitoring.

Dedicated team for on-site regional support.

Mean time to restore (MTTR) is 4 hours if there is any failure occurred.

Nationwide network coverage with colocation facilities.

Monthly network reporting to overseeing the network progress and enhancement.

High performance network equipment to serve efficiently and effectively.


Some of NOC's Key Responsible

Manage, regulate, and monitor the operation and activity of MYREN network connectivity for public universities, polytechnics, community colleges, teaching hospitals, a few governments linked universities and government agencies.

Ensure the availability of network capacity, security and quality of service.

Devise an implementation plan, including upgrades, detailed technical specifications towards improving MYREN’s infrastructure.

Provide advice and technical assistance to communities in the planning and implementation of any technology and applications in the relevant institutions.

Monitor and supervise MYREN network services with respect to its international networks to TEIN, MyIX and Tier-1 ISP to ensure they operate optimally.

Student experience – Offering educational visit to give an opportunity to relate the classroom learning to the real-world situation.

MYREN Network Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of UiTM Holdings Sdn Bhd.

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