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Granted with Network Facilities Provider (NFP) and Network Service Provider (NSP) licenses by the Malaysian Commission of Multimedia and Communication (MCMC) enabling the company to build fibre optic infrastructure nationwide (fixed links and cables, towers and poles) and supplying very high bandwidth internet connection.

Software Development & Application

Venturing into IoT market in support of the national IR 4.0 initiatives, our solution focuses on the utilities and agriculture industry offering end-to-end solutions in the management of water, energy and farming activities by providing data critical to improving business efficiency and effectiveness.

Network Operation Centre (NOC)

Management and monitoring of MYREN network to ensure availability of links and services is within SLA. Facilitate end user engagement activities includes technical support, trainings, and other tasks related to research and education.


MYREN Network Sdn Bhd

Blazing High Speed Connectivity

MYREN Network Sdn Bhd (MNSB) was incorporated in 9th November 2015. The role of MNSB is to execute and implement MOHE’s mandate in being the cyber infrastructure and Network Operation Centre (NOC) for education and research by holding a license in delivering high-speed internet connectivity to the Public Universities.


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