About Us

MYREN Network Sdn Bhd (MNSB) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UiTM Holdings Sdn Bhd incorporated in 9th November 2015. UiTM Holdings was tasked by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) to be the coordinator in creating a consortium of Public Universities to offer dark fibre towards enabling high-speed ICT network for research and education institutions.

The establishment of MNSB under UiTM Holdings Sdn Bhd is to become the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) as dark fibre and its associated services are licensed by the Malaysia government. The role of MNSB is to execute and implement MOHE’s mandate in being the cyber infrastructure for education and research by holding a license in delivering high-speed internet connectivity to the Public Universities. What’s more, current members of MNSB include tertiary institutes, polytechnics, community colleges, research entities and scientific laboratories. The members are working closely together through MYREN network within a high-capacity broadband network.

MNSB was granted the Network Facilities Provider (NFP) and Network Service Provider (NSP) licenses by the Malaysian Commission of Multimedia and Communication (MCMC) on 24th October 2016 enabling the company to build fibre optic infrastructure nationwide (fixed links and cables, radio communications transmitters and links, towers, poles, ducts and pits) and supplying very high bandwidth internet connection including broadcasting distribution services, cellular mobile services, access applications service, space services, switching services as well as gateway services. Realising the high volume of high-speed internet that can be offered, MNSB is now embarking its businesses to the other prospects such as Private Universities and enterprises sector. MNSB also continuously enhancing collaboration among its educational network and extend e-learning programmes, whilst also refining network performance and lowering latency.


To provide 70% of research & education network connectivity for public & private higher learning institutions in Malaysia


To be the preferred network provider in research & education for public & private higher learning institutions in Malaysia